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Part and full loads

Safely and quickly to your desired destination

Our success began with the transport of part loads and full loads by truck. These transports still form our core business as a logistics company.

We organize full and part load transports throughout Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia.

We organize vehicles with complete ADR equipment or Thermal truck for temperature-controlled transport. Thanks to our good network and broad customer structure in Europe, we can find the right vehicle loading capacity for your part loads, which enables us to carry out highly efficient transport.

FTL (Full Truck Load) - LKW - Full load

FTL shipping is for shipments that take up all available truck space. Your cargo stays on the truck from origin to destination.

FCL (Full Container Load) - Container - Full load

FCL means the entire container is for one shipper. You don't necessarily have to fill the container completely - even if you can't use every square meter, this type of transport can still be cheaper.

Part loads (LTL, LCL)

Although the demand for part load transport is high, it can be surprisingly difficult to find a company willing to undertake less than truckload transport at a reasonable price.

Don't have enough cargo to fill a truck or container?

Whether you have less than a full truck (LTL) or less than a full container (LCL), our team will ensure your less than truckload arrives in perfect condition every time.

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